heretic (lurkingheretic) wrote in weathernerds,

Estimating windspeed by flags

I'm here in South Korea and Storm Meari just passed us by.  Of course this makes me a happy weathernerd!  According to Weather Underground she should be approaching the China border by tonight.

Last year when I first moved to this town I posted a video of the storm winds but failed to get any flags in the shot.  This year, while the storm is not as intense, I did get that detail.  I've looked at a couple of sailing websites to try to find a way to estimate windspeed by those flags but I'm not getting anything beyond "Don't sail today."  I was wondering if any of you could point me to a site where a person (like me) without formal instruments could get a sense of the wind.

FYI last couple of days it's rained hard with some gusts of wind.  Today the wind is nearly dry but a lot stronger.

Brief video under cut.

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