The unknown enigma (princessbobesca) wrote in weathernerds,
The unknown enigma

Meteorology classes online?

Hello, everyone!

I'm new to the community.

In light of all the recent events we've had in our weather across the country (I'm in the US), I have started to think a little more strongly about taking some courses in Meteorology.

The only downside is, my university does not offer a Meteorology program of any kind.  I already have one Bachelor's degree in English with a Minor in Sociology.

If I can't get the full-blown degree, I would at least like to take a course or two online since I can't really afford to relocate to a school that does offer anything Meteorology-related.

Does anyone here know of any University Extensions that offer classes I can take in Meteorology online?

I appreciate your help with my question and I really look forward to being an active part of this community.  Thank you!
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