heretic (lurkingheretic) wrote in weathernerds,

So, do I get an air conditioner?

I just moved to Kyushu (Yamaga city) from Gyeonggi-do (Hanam city) and I'm being careful with my money.  Unfortunately I have an old-style unfurnished apartment and need to decide whether to buy an air conditioner, before the prices start going up.

I've spent most of my life in the Inland Empire, southern California, where the temperatures can reach the low 40'sC but where the air is very dry.  A patio mister did the trick for all but a couple weeks out of the summer when I needed to run the A/C.

Gyeonggi-do only hit the low 30's but it was swampy wet.  One year I only needed the A/C for about a week, the other for nearly three weeks.

Now I'm looking at the almanac for this area and wondering...will it be a mild summer here?  I might not stay for more than a year, and if it looks to be mild I'll just get some good fans.  Will it be mild compared to what I'm used to?

I could use some advice, and I'd like to get this comm back up and fun again.
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