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Good to see some fellow weather geeks. Hopefully some of you are still on here. Friday and saturday seem to be good days for severe weather because the GFS depicts southerly winds at the surface with a decent southwesterly 60-70 kt upper level jet but it's trying to form a low over the texas panhandle (it is here and in western oklahoma where the winds are out of the south) though hopefully early morning convection won't stabilize the air too much.

However, hodographs for the said areas that friday aren't that impressive so i would say there's some tornado risk, which is why the SPC issued a 15% day 4 and 5 outlook. In other news, the CMC, GFS and euro still want a subtropical storm forming off the southeast coast and landfalling in and near the South Carolina Lowcountry.

Sorry this entry isn't longer, there's only so much you can type on a phone. Perhaps this post belongs on storm_chasers. XD
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